Luxury Riads in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen - Morocco's Blue City

Chefchaouen or the ‘Blue City of Morocco’ is a marvelous little city of 40,000 inhabitants in the northeast part of Morocco close to the Mediterranean Sea. It is said that residents began painting the city blue during the 1930s by Jewish refugees.

Chefchaouen - Morocco's Blue City
Chefchaouen – Morocco’s Blue City

Two Recommended Luxury Riads in Chefchaouen

If you are looking for a luxury retreat, you should consider spending time in one of these two incredible options:

Lina Ryad & Spa

Lina Ryad & Spa is a beautiful boutique Riad in the center of Chefchaouen. It’s decorated in a typical Moorish style, completely renovated overflowing with local taste. Visitors of the riad can marvel at the beautiful tiles and woodcrafts. The breakfast area and the reception room are surrounded by a feeling of coziness enriched by the fireplace. The suites are comfortable and some have a terrace overlooking the city. You can enjoy a swim at the indoor pool and complete the day with a relaxing spa treatment. The restaurant offers mouth-watering Moroccan food. The Lina Ryad and Spa is a definite must-visit when on Chefchaouen.

Chefchaouen - Morocco's Blue City
Chefchaouen – Morocco’s Blue City

Riad Nerja

Riad Nerja is another hidden jewel in the center of the city surrounded by its old historic walls. This is a place where the charm of the past lives in every detail. The riad has been transformed into a traditional accommodation after it once was a palace belonging to an aristocratic family. It comprises 5 luxuriously decorated rooms spread over three levels along with lounges and terraces. This makes this charming riad resemble more of a home than a place for an overnight stay. The interior is in the traditional Andalusian architecture while colors and smells of the Orient persist in the central halls. The service is personalized and with attention to detail. Its welcoming and relaxing environment will make you feel at home.

Want to Visit Chefchaouen?

Our Morocco travel experts are happy to help you plan a Morocco tour that includes visiting Chefchaouen, the blue city of Morocco. Speak to one of our travel experts today to start planning your unforgettable Morocco tour.

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