Luxury Boutique Hotels in Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira medina entrance

Essaouira is a historic coastal city famous for its beautiful laid back medina. A visit to the city must include the port, the medina, the Skala, and the Jewish quarter or Mellah.

Essaouira medina street
Essaouira medina street
Essaouira Port
Essaouira Port

This unique city offers luxurious guesthouses that combine modern luxury with a traditional Moroccan feel. Two of our featured guesthouses are Riad Dar L’Oussia and Riad Lotus O Marine.

Riad Dar L’Oussia

Riad Dar L’Oussia is a luxurious 5 star guesthouse located in a quiet part of Essaouira just inside the city walls. It is in a close proximity to the old medina, the fishing port, and the beach. This is a fascinating riad that has been restored emphasizing the traditional Moroccan style. They offer a spacious courtyard and a vast terrace overlooking the port, the city, and the Atlantic Ocean. There are 20 spacious rooms and four suites. It can accommodate up to 46 guests which make it a nice and quiet boutique hotel. There is an excellent restaurant which offers delicious cuisine and be sure to try the fish. Enjoy breakfast on the roof terrace with a view of the Atlantic Ocean and the 16th Century Portuguese fortress overlooking the city entrance.

Riad Lotus O Marine

Riad Lotus O Marine represents the artistic influences of the city. This beautiful guesthouse is perfectly located in the heart of the old fortified city walls. Exceptional details and brilliant décor complement the unforgettable luxury and oriental style. The interiors are decorated in a neo-classic/retro style which creates a warm atmosphere. The sun terrace offers fantastic panoramic views over the town.

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