Is It Safe to Travel in Algeria?


There has been concern over the years whether it is safe to travel in Algeria. The answer is yes, it is safe to travel in most parts of Algeria. In those areas that are restricted, we do not recommend tourists to visit those regions and we will not include those areas in our Algeria tour itineraries. The northern coast of the country is considered one of the safest parts and can be freely toured.


Expert Algerian Tour Manager

All our tours are accompanied by an expert Algerian tour manager who will make sure you enjoy your experiences in Algeria and will take care of any logistics during the tour.

Friendly and Hospitable Culture

The local population is extremely friendly, hospitable, and welcome to foreigners. They completely realize that safety has become the number one priority for the country as its image has been badly tarnished. The local security authorities are present throughout the country.

Music group at Setif
Music group at Setif

Tourists should be extra careful and avoid areas bordering Lybia, Mauritania, Mali, and Niger. However, our professional travel guides in Algeria will make sure your stay in the country will be unforgettable.

Visit Algeria

If you are interested in visiting Algeria, our North Africa travel experts are happy to assist you to plan a safe and unforgettable Algeria tour.

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