Henna in Morocco – What Is It Used For?

Traditional Henna at a Moroccan Wedding

While on tour in Morocco, you may want to consider getting a Henna tattoo. Moroccan henna is a plant that is ground into a fine powder. Henna in Morocco has significant cultural value and is used for tattooing and hair colouring.

Traditional Henna in Morocco
Traditional Henna Art

The most important use of henna is for tattooing women’s hands and feet for weddings and special occasions.

It is said that Henna was initially used in Northern Africa and later on introduced to Asia and India. In Morocco, the first use of henna can be traced back to the indigenous Berbers.

Henna Used for Marriages

The Berber marriage ceremony is the most emblematic ritual where Henna is used. It is during these celebrations that the bride’s hands and feet are uniquely designed. Henna in Morocco is thought to bring luck to the bride and protect her from harm.

Traditional Henna at a Moroccan Wedding
Traditional Henna at a Moroccan Wedding

Henna in Morocco is widely offered as a service at every Moroccan souk and you can choose from a variety of designs and patterns.

While visiting Morocco on a tour, you will want to keep your eye open for henna at the Moroccan souk, especially at the infamous Medina in Fes and Marrakesh.

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