Helpful Travel Tips Before Your Morocco Tour

If you’re planning your Morocco travel below are some things you should know before visiting this incredible land!

Most mosques are off-limits to non-Muslims

Nearly 99% of the population is Muslim. While very few Moroccan mosques are open to non-Muslims, one exception is the towering Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca If you can’t make it to Casablanca, Marrakech’s 16th-century Ali ben Youssef madrassa-turned-museum is open to all and also features striking Islamic design.

Multilingual Moroccans

Moroccans switch languages mid-sentence, reflecting the cultures — Berber, Arab, French and Spanish — that have crisscrossed the country. Arabic is the official language. French continues to be widely spoken in cities; foreigners are often addressed in this first. Spanish is still spoken in Tangier. There are also three main dialects spoken by the country’s Berber majority: Tashelhit, Tamazight and Tarifit. You’ll be able to get by with English in the main tourist hubs.

Trains are Cheap, Comfortable and Reliable

Train company ONCF operates one of the best train networks in Africa, making it the easiest way to travel between cities. It’s worth paying extra for first class, which comes with a reserved seat and A/C.

Couscous is served on Fridays

You’ll see it on every restaurant menu, but traditionally couscous is served on Fridays when families gather after prayers.

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Joshua Mok has been living in Tunisia since 2016. He has traveled extensively throughout the country, and has firsthand experience with the language, people, and culture of North Africa. It is his passion to introduce to others some of the best destinations in North Africa that he has experienced.

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