Tunisian Hotels: A Helpful Guide to Where to Stay in Tunisia

Resort hotel in Djerba

Tunisia offers a wide variety of accommodations to meet any traveler’s standards and budget. You can relax in one of Tunisia’s beach resorts or stay in downtown Tunis. Tunisia also offers accommodations with more of a cultural flavor, such as the Dar El Medina in the Tunis Medina or the Dar Dhiafa on the island of Djerba. Here is a quick guide to help you decide where to stay when visiting Tunisia.

Resort hotel in Djerba
Resort hotel in Djerba

Which hotel should I stay in during my Tunisia tour?

When planning your tour with Mosaic North Africa we will recommend the best accommodations to meet your budget. It is important to keep in mind that it is common that a hotel may be rated as 4★, but you will receive more of a 3★ experience. Likewise, many 5★ hotels will resemble more of 4★ standards. We encourage all of our travelers to consider staying in at least a 4★ level hotel. Often you will find a better selection of food during your meals, and larger rooms. If you are looking for a luxury tour, we can offer 5★ accommodations with excellent service and tastefully decorated rooms.

4-star Troglodyte hotel in Matmata
4-star Troglodyte hotel in Matmata

Consider historical and cultural hotels!

There are plenty of hotels to visit but Tunisia offers some hidden gems that will allow you to experience Tunisian culture and history. We can offer 4★ accommodations in the Tunis medina where you can stay in a traditional Tunisian house with fantastic views over the medina. Or perhaps stay in a ‘cave’ troglodyte home in Matmata, or a Berber tent in the Sahara desert.

Please contact Mosaic North Africa to prepare your Tunisia tour and for recommendations on where to stay in Tunisia. We can recommend some of Tunisia’s finest hotels.

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