Family Travel in Morocco

Sahara Camel Trek in Morocco

Family travel in Morocco is filled with fun and adventures! Morocco is an excellent destination for families to explore that includes lots of history, culture, world famous cuisine, and adventure.

After spending 3.5 years living in the Fes medina in Morocco with his family, Mosaic North Africa tours director, Kevin Dyck, can recommend some of the top sites to visit while on a Morocco tour with your family. No matter the kids ages there will be something everyone will enjoy.

Sahara Desert

The wild Sahara dunes provide the world’s largest sandbox and your kids will love running endlessly through the dunes. Stay in one of the many Kasbah hotels located along the edge of the dunes, or take a camel excursion for an overnight trip and night in a Berber tent. For those looking for adventure, taking a 4×4 ride over the Sahara dunes is sure to add some fun and adrenaline to your family travel in Morocco.

Sahara Camel Trek in Morocco
Sahara Camel Trek in Morocco

Ancient Medina

Wander through the maze like ancient cities in Morocco. Make sure you take a guided tour so that you do not get lost. Your kids will love all the animals they will encounter as you walk through the narrow ally-like streets. Make sure you stop at local restaurants to taste the local cuisine.

Mary Medina Morocco
Mary Medina Morocco

Coastal Cities

Agadir, Essaouira, Tangier, Rabat and many others are great places to enjoy the culture and customs of the city and then retreat to the coast to swim in the ocean or enjoy a beautiful sunset. There are some wonderful seaside hotels for your family to enjoy.

Agadir, Morocco
Agadir, Morocco

Family Travel Tips

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Kevin Dyck is the founder of Mosaic North Africa and has over 11 years experience living in North African countries. He is an Arabic speaker with a passion for travelers to encounter the diverse cultures and natural beauty found throughout the North Africa region. He currently lives in and works for MNA from Tunis, Tunisia.

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