Family Travel in Algeria

Oran, Algeria

Algeria is a place full of history and culture that is worth exploring. A visit to this vast and beautiful country is an inspiring adventure for travelers that are looking to take on difficult terrains and are not intimidated by long distances. If you are thinking of a family travel in Algeria especially with small kids, here are a few helpful hints to help plan your family travel in Algeria.

Exploring the interiors of the country can be a bit tricky when travelling with family. Although there are many places that will be considered interesting for small children to take on, travelling between cities can be a real challenge especially when a normal trip is not shorter than 2-3 hours.

Family Friendly Destinations in Algeria

On the other hand, Algeria has several great destinations that are ideal for a family vacation. The best cities to visit are the capital Algiers and Oran. Both are located on the ocean and offer excellent conditions for a summer vacation. Crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and high-end hotel chains contribute to the easiness with which you can enjoy Algeria.

Panoramic View in Oran
Panoramic View in Oran

Visiting Algeria and Oran with your Family

Both Algiers and Oran house important historical sites that can be explored during your stay. Small children will enjoy the old fortresses and ramparts which are plenty in these areas of the country. There is easy access to the country offered by several major airlines that serve international and internal flights which are very convenient.

Sacred Heart Cathedral of Algiers
Sacred Heart Cathedral of Algiers
Oran, Algeria
Oran is a family-friendly destination with fortresses and lots of history to explore

Plan Your Family Travel in Algeria

If you are interested in a family travel in Algeria, our travel experts are happy to assist you to plan an unforgettable Algeria tour for your family.

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