Explore Timimoun in Western Algeria

Timimoun is a small city hidden in an oasis surrounded by the dunes of the Sahara desert. It is a favorite holiday destination for the local Algerian population especially for the celebration of the New Year and the Mouloud. During the festive season, Timimoun is filled with life but this doesn’t last long and most of the time the city is enjoying a laid back atmosphere.

Where is Timimoun?

Timimoun is in the middle of the Gourrara region that is part of the magnificent Grand Erg Occidental. The region is characteristic for its deserted and uninhibited parts. This is mainly due because of the high sand dunes that shift constantly across the hot sandy plains of the desert. It is an ideal place to have a trip by 4×4 into the dunes that sometimes look like huge sandy mountains. It is truly amazing that such breath-taking views can actually exist.

About Timimoun

The city is surrounded by palm groves and a salt lake that is completely dry. The Ksar situated on the hilltop of Timimoun dates back from the 9th century and unfortunately is now in almost complete ruins. Nevertheless, the Ksar can still be climbed offering magnificent views over the desert and the oasis. One thing that deserves noticing is that the majority of the old houses are built of red mud. This style is known as the “Sudanese Architecture”. These homes seem to have been built one on top of the other while trying to reach higher grounds. The streets are narrow and covered with sheets of cloth. This is typical for the region and offers pedestrians some shade from the scourging sun. In the city center is the famous “Oasis Rouge” that has once been a beautiful hotel. It is now a cultural center hosting various artistic events.

The palmeraie is another landmark that must be visited while in Timimoun which is surrounded by mud walls. Visiting this characteristic little town is a must do when in Algeria.

Visit Timimoun in Algeria

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