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Zitouna Mosque in Tunis Medina

One of the most fascinating places to visit in any country of North Africa is undoubtedly the medina. The medina is the place where people gather to display their trade, shop, and to meet with other people. The medina is a major attraction for every traveler that wants to see, feel, and taste the cultures and traditions of the country. A visit to Tunisia is not complete without visiting some of the best medinas in Tunisia.

A few of the ancient medinas in Tunisia are included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage, including the historic medina in Tunis and in Sousse. These are 2 of the best medinas in Tunisia to visit during your tour.

Tunis Medina

The medina in Tunis is an incredible maze of culture and traditions waiting for your discovery. Your senses will come alive with the sounds, aromas, and colors as you walk through a labyrinth of alleys. Anything from handmade wool carpets, leather goods, food, lamps, silverware and so much more can be found here. All this offers some of the most amazing shopping opportunities that you can’t miss. Try to visit the shops that have balconies for a birds eye view of the action below. It is best to take a guided tour through the medina to not get lost and to see the top historical and cultural sites.

Zitouna Mosque in Tunis Medina
Zitouna Mosque in Tunis Medina

Sousse Medina

The medina in Sousse should not be missed because of the multitude of historical buildings and traditional architecture. It is one of the finest in Tunisia and is very well kept. The medina itself is surrounded by round towers and fort-like walls. The medina in Sousse is where you can test your haggling skills and try to get great items for a fraction of the offered price. As the place is quite busy, it is best to give yourself an average 2 or 3 hours to fully appreciate the medina. Do not miss the Sousse Archaeological museum which hosts some of the best mosaics in the country as well as it offers incredible views of the medina and sea.

Ribat in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sousse Medina
Ribat in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sousse Medina
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