Experience the Sahara Desert: Camping, Camel Excursion and Stories from Local Guides

Nomadic Guides Cooking Bread in the Sahara Sand

An unforgettable adventure is camping in the Sahara Desert. During the trip, you will be offered the rare opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Sahara Desert surrounded with its colors, and majestic surroundings. This is a must-do when you are visiting Tunisia.

Tunisia Sahara Desert
Tunisia Sahara Desert

A typical trip will begin from one of the local “gates to the Sahara”. These are typically small villages accessible either by bus or 4×4 vehicles at the edge of the desert. Once you get into the village you will be met by your local Sahara guides. The bags, tents, camping utensils and personal belongings are stapped to the camels, the local guides. It is amazing to observe how the guides will arrange and organize all the bags on the backs of the camels.

Camel in the Desert
Camel Trek

The camel trek will begin with a leisurely stroll in the dunes. The trek might take anywhere between 2-3 hours and depends on your arrangements with the guide.

At a certain point, you will reach the camping destination and your guides will be busy preparing the tents and collecting firewood to cook the dinner. You can participate in gathering sticks for the fire and setting of the tents. The camel guides will prepare one of the most delicious meals you will ever taste under the wide open Saharan sky.

Tunisia Desert Camel Guides
Nomadic Camel Guides

At night, sitting by the fire, your guides will share stories of life in the Sahara and play some of the local insturments. The music from the wooden flutes (gezbahs) and drums (darbuka) along with the Sahara surroundings will be an experience of a lifetime. Later in the evening you can go and relax in your tent or stay under the majestic Saharan sky.

Tunisia Sahara Nomad Guides
Nomadic Guides Sitting Around a Campire at Night
Nomadic Guides Cooking Bread in the Sahara Sand
Nomadic Guides Cooking Bread in the Sahara Sand

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