Experience the Beautiful Cascade D’Ouzoud Waterfall

Cascade D'Ouzoud Waterfall

The Cascade D’Ouzoud is said to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. When in Marrakech, you definitely need to visit this magical place and experience this unforgettable landscape. A day trip can be easily booked from Marrakech. Before you start this exciting journey, make sure you wear comfortable shoes and a light jacket. You can also take your swimsuit just in case you go for a dive.

Cascade D'Ouzoud Waterfall
Cascade D’Ouzoud Waterfall

Prepare to rise early as the average time to get to the Cascade D’Ouzoud is between 2 and 3 hours drive. The distance from Marrakech is 150 kilometers in the northeast direction and you would normally travel in the comfort of a minivan if part of an organized tour. The road is in good shape and there is a gas station that can be a nice stop for refreshments. At your arrival, you will be greeted in the typical Berber style by your guide. The average excursion is approximately 3 hours.

The Cascade D’Ouzoud is really a breath-taking place located in the middle of the Atlas Mountains. It is also one of the most picturesque places in the region. The cascades are 100 meters tall. You may be lucky and spot Barbary macaque (monkeys) that can be meters away from you as they come to drink water from the falls.

Cascade D'Ouzoud Waterfall
Cascade D’Ouzoud Waterfall

At the bottom of the Cascade D’Ouzoud the water has formed a beautiful pool. Swimming in the cascade’s waters is a great experience. There are some restaurants and small shops too. During the summertime, many Moroccan families visit the area to picnic or camp. It is worth it to see the Cascade D’Ouzoud and a rare opportunity to visit the highest waterfall in North Africa.

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