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Atlas Mountains

Traveling and exploring Morocco is a must for any world traveler. The sights, sounds, and warm hospitality of Morocco make this country a world class destination. Most Morocco tours include visits to the Imperial cities, medina tours, and camel treks. But there are culture and adventure Morocco tours that makes it the Morocco trip of a lifetime:

Experience Berber Culture and Customs

Why not spend a night or a full day in the ‘day in the life of a Berber‘? Here you will meet local Berber folks who will teach you how to cook local foods, learn about local customs, and even spend the night. Plan an extra day on your tour to learn and experience Berber customs and culture.

Traditional Berber Clothing in Azrou Berber Village


Get geared up and go with a local guide either on short walks in the Atlas Mountains or on overnight treks through mountain ranges. Explore the vast beauty of Morocco.

Atlas Mountains
Atlas Mountains

Rock Climbing

Whether you are a beginner or an expert rock climber, the Todra gorges and its surroundings mountains of Marrakesh are excellent spots for some rock climbing.

Want to Plan Your Culture and Adventure Morocco Tours?

Our travel experts can help you plan your Culture and Adventure Morocco Tours. Let us help you plan your Morocco tour with your travel preferences in mind. We can suggest ways to add some culture and adventure to your Morocco tour that will make it the Morocco trip of a lifetime. 

Speak to one of our travel experts today to start planning your unforgettable Morocco tour.

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