How Much Does it Cost to Visit Algeria? The Complete Guide

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Considering an adventure to Algeria? Surely, there are a lot of things to plan and figure out for your budget. We’d like to help you. As an on-the-ground tour company, we can give you the most accurate idea of how much you can expect a trip to Algeria to cost. Here is our comprehensive guide to how much it will cost to visit Algeria.

Read below to get in-depth information on everything from food prices to tipping expectations. Or Click here to skip to our concluding thoughts on tour prices.

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Check out this team of guides prepare a meal for our clients!

Overview: Cost to Visit Algeria

Between Algeria’s dozens of incredible travel spots and the strength of Western purchasing power, a tour of Algeria is well worth it. It’s an adventure that will last a lifetime!

But, we’re not here to convince you of how worth it is to travel to Algeria—we’re going to give you the facts. Coming up, we’ll tell you how much to expect to pay in Algeria; what is and is not included in typical Algeria Tours.

First, let’s highlight three main factors that will determine how much your tour of Algeria is going to cost. Your price will hinge on these three: Time, People, and Luxury.

3 Main Factors that Affect Tour Prices

Time – How long are you planning to stay in Algeria? If it is a short trip, the total cost will be lower. However, your daily costs will be higher. If you stay longer, certain flat expenses (like visa costs) will be averaged out, and you will get more bang for your buck.

People – More people can share the load in paying for tour guides and vehicles. Thus, a bigger group = lower cost per person. So, convince some friends to join you on your Algerian adventure, and you’ll all get a discount!

Luxury – This is a big one: how generously do you want to travel? In Algeria, you can enjoy 5-star hotels and caviar. On the other hand, you can live off of bare-bone hostels and street food. Keep a balance of how comfortably you’d like to travel with your budget.

Depending on these three factors, the cost of your travel will fluctuate. If you are looking for a total tour cost as low as possible, keep these three to a minimum. But if you are looking for a better value for your trip, increase the travel time or group size.

A family visiting Algeria will cost less per person to visit Algeria
You can visit Algeria in a larger group and it will bring the individual tour price down

3 Expenses You Can’t Avoid

Whether you like it or not, there are a few essential costs that will set you back the most on your Algeria tour. Keep in mind that you cannot get around paying for these three: airfare, hotels, and tourism companies.

International Airfare
Often, this is the biggest expense you’ll pay (especially if you must cross an ocean). Most tourism agencies do not include your arrival and departure in their tour price, so keep a good eye on what you’ll be paying for your international travels.

Hotel Accommodations
Unfortunately, couch surfing and cardboard boxes are not an option in Algeria. Tourists must have proof of hotel reservations to visit. Thus, accommodations are another big portion of tour budgets.

Tourism Company Prices
Algeria also requires tourists to have an official Letter of Invitation proving they will be taken care of during their travels. This is a required document in your visa process and may be requested on your arrival. The main way to get one of these is with an official tourism company (like us!).

Thus, if you’d like to travel to Algeira as a tourist, you’re going to have to work with a local tourism company. But the good news is, tourism companies are experts at what they do. They can arrange your itinerary, reservations, and documentation.

To get more information on Mosaic North Africa and our Algeira tours, contact one of our travel experts. We’d love to help you plan your next adventure, and make it as smooth as possible.

Algeria international airport terminal
Algiers, Algeria’s main airport: Houari Boumediene International Airport

Getting to Algeria: Traveling Expenses

There are a few main traveling expenses for your arrival, such as your tourist visa and airfare. Here are the breakdowns of what you can expect them to cost to visit Algeria:

Algerian Tourist Visa Cost

Cost: $160

2-3 months before your departure date, you should apply for your Algeria Tourist Visa. Depending on your country, the Embassy or Consulate will charge a processing fee. This process can be costly and slow but is surely worth it. Visit our tourist visa information page for more information.

The embassy typically charges a $160 fee. Make sure you calculate this when you estimate how much it will cost you to visit algeria.

Additional Note: if you cannot visit an Embassy or Consulate in person, you may pay a courier company another $100.

Buying International Airfare

Cost: Varies

As mentioned before, most travel agencies do not include international travel in your tour price. Often, this is a huge portion of travel budgets. For example, if you fly from New York, a round trip can set you back nearly $1,000. But, hey, if you’re already passing through Europe—visiting Algeria suddenly becomes much more possible.

Also, take note that on your arrival to Algeria, you will have to declare cash amounts above €‎1,000. The total value of imported or exported currency cannot exceed €‎7,500.

Air Algeria's domestic flights do not significantly raise cost to visit Algeria
Air Algeria’s domestic flights do not significantly raise the cost to visit Algeria

Typical Domestic Flights

Cost: $30-80

In terms of land area, Algeria is the largest country in Africa. It has dozens of must-see sites across it, but that may require some domestic flights. Our pre-built Algeria Tour packages include domestic travel. Still, if you pay on your own, these are not too expensive to cover.

Purchasing Travel Insurance

Cost: ~$50-150 per person

Paying extra for travel insurance is just plain a good idea. With insurance, you can travel with peace of mind against any unforeseen issues (sickness, cancellations, or delayed baggage). Typically, insurance can cost 4-12% of the total trip price.

Mosaic North Africa does not provide travel insurance for our clients. However, you can read this article on our tips on recommendations regarding travel insurance.

International Phone Plans / SIM Cards

Cost: $5-10

These days, you can’t travel without internet! Check with your phone provider for international and roaming charges. Alternatively, it may be more affordable to use a local Algerian SIM card, assuming you have an unlocked phone. SIM cards, phone credit, and internet data bundles may be purchased for about $5 to $10 at the airport.

Restaurants prices effect the cost to visit Algeria
There are several unique restaurants and cafés built into the side of Constantine’s city-splitting gorge

The Basics: Food and Accommodations

Once you’ve arrived on tour, there will always be the essentials: food and housing. Thanks to foreign purchasing power, the cost for these can be quite different than in Western countries. Take note of how much these will cost you on your visit to Algeria.

Food: The Cost of Meals on an Algeria visit

Cost: $4-15 per person, per meal

Obviously, food is a crucial part of life. Unless your tour is full-board, you will have to spend some time thinking ahead about your meals. Luckily, in Algeria, you will have a plethora of options for food.

On the simpler side, you can buy a pizza or sandwich lunch meal for about $3 per person. Alternatively, lunch meals at a sit-down restaurant may cost up to $15 per person. Some meals can cost up to $40. For breakfast, a quick croissant breakfast can be quite cheap: less than a dollar.

Tell your tour guide your food preferences and budget, and he/she should be able to find you an appropriate restaurant to fit your needs. If you an adventurous appetite, you should also ask to try some of Algeria’s delicious traditional foods.

Hotel Prices in Algeria

3 Star: $50
4 Star: $75
5 Star: $150+
(estimate on a per-night basis)

With hotels, there is quite a big cost spread. The capital, Algiers, hosts a stellar Marriot and Sheraton resorts. Downtown, there are solid 4-star hotels you can stay at. Or, if you’re looking for something more basic, there are a few 3-stars such as the ST Hotel.

In our opinion, we highly suggest spending a little extra in this area for 4-Star accommodations. Typically, you can get a big increase in value for the price jump. Also, 3-Star hotels can be a bit iffy in North Africa.

ST Hotel in Algiers
A 3-star hotel in downtown Algiers ( ST Hotel )

Coffee and Café Prices

One cup of coffee: <$1

Coffee plays a large part in North African Culture. Locals love to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. So, if you’re half the coffee fan we are, then you may as well join in for a cheap coffee… or two. Be advised, serving sizes can be much smaller than Starbucks (often in a shot glass size).

Costs During Your Tour

Typically, during your tour, most costs to visit Algeria will be covered by your travel agency. Our Algeria Tours cover tour guides, domestic transportation, and site entrance fees. However, if you are on the hook for these, here is what you may expect to pay:

Cost to Hire a Tour Guide in Algeria

Cost: $100+ per person per day
Site Guide: $10-40

It’s crucial to find a tour guide that has good communication skills, is knowledgeable, and is personable. A good guide can make or break a tour. So, it may be worth forking up extra money to ensure you are taken care of.

When you visit historical sites like the Roman ruins of Djemila, consider hiring a site guide. Algeria’s Museums and UNESCO sites often offer local experts (site guides) who can share insights and unknown gems. They’re well worth it!

Note, even if your guides are paid for by a travel agency, you may be expected to leave a tip for good service. Read more in our section on Tipping Expectations.

two desert guides in the Sunset
These Algeria desert guides seem like a lot of fun!

Private Drivers and Taxis in Algeria

Taxi ride: $.40/km
Rent-A-Car: $40/day
Private driver: Exclusively in Tour Packages

As always, the cheapest driving option in Algeria is to ride in taxis. The startup price is 50DZD, followed by 50DZD per kilometer. Often taxis will charge extra for luggage (or for just being a tourist). To protect yourself from being charged extra, always arrange a price before or ask the driver to use the meter.

Instead, you can also rent a car for around $40 per day. But, if you plan on renting a car, be warned, Africa’s driving can feel quite aggressive. City streets in downtown Algiers can be confusing and narrow. Consider if you have the experience and stamina to drive yourself.

Or best of all, have your tour agency arrange a private vehicle and driver! In our experience, private drivers are a well-worthy privilege, saving time and energy. We include private transportation in the cost of our Algeria tour packages to make our itineraries as efficient and smooth as possible.

Historical Site Entrance Fees

Cost: $1-2

Without a doubt, any of Algeria’s historical sites or museums are well worth the small entrance fees. Algeria is full of history, try to stop at as many as possible on your tour!

Would you like more information on sites you should visit? Check out the 7 Most Popular Roman Ruins in Algeria or our favorite UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Other Activities to Experience

There are so many other activities you can include in your Algeria tour; we can’t include them all. Nonetheless, here’s a ‘speed round’ of a few other key activities ones you should consider looking into:

Sahara Desert Expeditions: +$200/day [Quick Link]

Sahara Camel Rides: ~$15/hour [Quick Link]

Golf: ~$50 (18 Holes) [Quick Link]

Hiking: Free! [Quick Link]

Algeria sahara desert campsite, typically can drive up the cost to visit algeria
Imagine camping in a Sahara desert canyon for a night… or a few

Tipping Expectations in Algeria

Another factor to consider in the cost to visit Algeria is how much you may tip. It is normal (and often expected) for you to tip for a variety of services in Algeria. It is a way of saying ‘thank you’ for the service that you receive during your tour. The tips are best paid in the local currency (Algerian Dinars).

How Much to Tip When You Visit Algeria

Below is a list of different types of services and a tipping guideline for each. Please note that this is a guideline only, so feel free to tip more for excellent service.

  • Tour Guides: It is a good gesture to present your guide with a tip at the end of your trip to thank him/her for their hard work. We recommend a minimum of 1000-2000 Algerian Dinars (DZD) per day per person. That’s $7 to $14 in USD. Still, you are ultimately free to recognize their service in a manner of your choosing. 
    • Example: 11 Days tour for 2 people: 2000 DZD x 11 days x 2 people = 44000 DZD for good service
  • Private Drivers: A recommended tip for a driver is 700-1500 DZD per day per person ($5 – $11).
  • Private Site Guides: For a whole-day tour with local guides in each of the cities, an appropriate tip would be between 1500-2000 DZD or more per group per day. ($11 – $15)
  • Camel Trek Excursions: For your adventures in the Sahara Desert, we recommend a tip of 2300 DZD for a camel trek guide. ($17)
  • Tips for Cleaning Staff: For your hotel stays, you may leave a small tip of 250-650 DZD in your room for the hotel cleaning staff at the end of your hotel stay. ($3 – $5)
  • Tips for Photographing Artisans: It is a good idea to leave a 300-450 DZD tip if you are photographing someone’s artwork, artisans at work (such as a carpet worker), etc. But remember, it is good etiquette to ask for permission before taking a photograph. ($2 – $3)
  • Tips for Meals: Many restaurants in North Africa do not expect tips. In general, if you’re generous, 10% of the bill is appropriate.
This sign points the way to Algeria
Head this way to Algeria!

The Grand Total: The Cost to Visit Algeria

As we’ve said before, many factors will affect your tour price. A price will have to take into consideration where you’d like to go, how long, how many people, what accommodations, and what activities you’d like to do. And, on top of all that, prices fluctuate more depending on what season it is. Phew!

Free Price Quotes for Algeria Tours

Stressed out? We’d like to make it a little easier on you… If you’re really considering traveling to Algeria, you should contact one of our travel experts. We’ll send you a free price quote that includes food, accommodations, guides, private driver, and site entrance fees.

With our tours, you’ll still have to cover your international flight, visa, insurance, and tips. Otherwise, everything will be taken care of. You can expect the stress-free, packed adventure of a lifetime. Check out our Algeria Tours today!

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