Constantine, Algeria – The Historic City of Bridges

Constantine - The City of Bridges

Constantine or the “the City of Bridges” is the third largest city in Algeria, tucked away in a rocky plateau 650 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by the magnificent gorge of the Rhumel River. The geography of the city is unique. Located 100 kilometers from the countries coast, the journey to Constantine passes through mountains, forests, and wide lakes.

Landscape of Constantine
Landscape of Constantine

The Phoenicions were the first to build the city and called it Sewa – the Royal City. Constantine has also been part of the kingdom of Numidia, more than 2,000 years ago and went by the name of Cirta. The city was invaded and ruled by the Romans, Ottomans, and French.

Constantine - The City of Bridges
Constantine – The City of Bridges

Constantine owes its remarkable scenery to the gorge and the river that has carved out the plateau. The different locations of the city are connected with suspension bridges. Below is information about the various suspension bridges:

Sidi-M’Cid is a suspension bridge built in 1912 by the French engineer Ferdinand Arnodin. This is the highest and most spectacular bridge in Constantine. It is 168 meters long and 175 meters high. There are fantastic views of the gorge and Rhumel River.

Sidi M'Cid Bridge above the Rhumel Gorge
Sidi M’Cid Bridge above the Rhumel Gorge

El-Kantara is the oldest stone bridge in Constantine. It’s was built in 1863 and bears the markings of Roman and French architectural style. The bridge is 128 meters long and 125 meters high.

Sidi Rached Bridge was built in 1912 by Paul Sejourne and is a concrete arch construction. It is most memorable because of its length of 447 meters and with 27 smaller arches. There is a magnificent and beautiful view over the Rhumel River.

The Devil’s Bridge is only for pedestrians. It was built in the 17th century during the Ottoman Empire ruling. The name is associated with the sounds that the river makes below.

The Falls Bridge was built in 1925. It is 80 meters high and is one of the most beautiful bridges in Constantine.

The Perregaux Bridge was constructed by the French Engineer Ferdinand Arnodin in 1962. It is 125 meters long and is believed to be the smaller version of the Sidi M’Cid Bridge.

The New Cable-Stayed Bridge of Constantine was designed by the famous Dissing-Weitling architectural firm and finished in 2012. It is 750 meters long and 130 meters high. It is used by both pedestrians and cars. In 2008, the project was awarded the International Best Architecture Project.

The City des Chasseurs Bridge connects the city to the University Mentouri of Constantine. It was designed by the internationally recognized architect Oscar Niemeyer and he is considered a key figure in modern architecture.

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