Combine Tunisia and Algeria in One Tour

Have you ever considered combining a visit to Tunisia and Algeria into one single tour? Let Mosaic North Africa plan your next North Africa adventure.

Specializing in custom designed private tours, we take our clients to the best historical and cultural sites and experiences you can have in North Africa. What we suggest on your combined tour is that you begin your trip in Algeria, taking you to Roman sites, ancient cities, and then relax and enjoy local cuisine. You will travel from Algiers to the Tunisian border and we suggest a minimum or 5-7 days. At the border, you will meet your Tunisian English speaking driver who will take you on your Tunisia tour. We suggest adding an Oasis tour in the south with a camel trek in the Sahara desert and then finish your trip off on the beautiful island of Djerba.

If you are interested in a combined Tunisia and Algeria tour, then contact Mosaic North Africa to start planning your next North Africa tour.

About the author

Joshua Mok is a cultural enthusiast and adventurer who can speak 6 different languages. Joshua currently lives in Tunisia and has firsthand experience with the language, people, and culture of North Africa. At Mosaic North Africa, Joshua is combining his business marketing expertise with his passion for travel to help others discover and enjoy the cultural and historical beauties of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.

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