Tunisian Couscous

A Foodie’s Guide to Tunisian Cuisine

We'll take you on a journey through Tunisia's food scene, highlighting unique ingredients and spices that make Tunisian cuisine so special.
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Grant in front of Igloo house
July 24, 2023

Grant – July 2023

The tour was excellent and both Nadhem [our guide] and Lotfi [our driver] were great. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
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Shannon at Lars Homestead Igloo House
July 21, 2023

Shannon – July 2023

Had a great time!  Some of the highlights were the Star Wars hotel, the Star Wars Canyon, and Lars Homestead (We went just before sunset.)
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Brock & friends at Lars Homestead Igloo House Sunset
July 21, 2023

Brock – July 2023

Nadhem was amazing. He was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and his English was fluent. I have travelled all over the world and he is the best guide I’ve ever had.
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hotel royal victoria

Hotel Royal Victoria in Tunis (Hotel Review)

Hotel Royal Victoria is more than just a hotel - it is a historic landmark being formerly occupied by the British embassy.
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Peter in front of Igloo House
June 13, 2023

Peter – June 2023

We managed to pack a lot into the 5 days but I think my stand-out moments were visiting the iconic Lars Family Homestead exterior on the Chott el Djerid salt flat and the UNESCO-listed Amphitheatre at...
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Historical Sites Near Tunis: Zaghouan, Oudhna, and Thurburbo Majus

Tunisia is full of rich history, and there are a plethora of historical sites near Tunis. South of Tunis are 3 historical sites relatively close to each other, which makes the perfect day trip for...
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May 24, 2023

Bill – May 2023

I had a great time on the trip. It was well organized. It was evident that everyone sincerely wanted me to have an enjoyable experience and put forth their maximum effort to make that happen.
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May 22, 2023

Jeff and Debbie – May 2023

Deb and I are really thankful that we toured Tunisia with Omar and Sami.  We will tell our friends who may go there to start with you guys.
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May 19, 2023

Miles – May 2023

Overall, a really great trip. Will certainly remember all the great sites, and police escorting in Algeria! Thank you to all the people who organized and guided this tour.
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May 19, 2023

Heather & Grant – April 2023

We would recommend Mosaic to all our friends without hesitation. We had a magnificent time, our best couples’ trip!
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May 18, 2023

Andy and Catherine – May 2023

The tour was fantastic, with a wonderful kaleidoscopic experience that introduced us to two fantastic countries, their history, and their culture.
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