Darnell Epp – Our Tunisia Tour Representative

Are you looking for an authentic Tunisia tour designed just right for your travel needs and budget? Do you want to speak to our our Tunisia tours representative who has first hand knowledge and experience...
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Combine Tunisia and Algeria in One Tour

Have you ever considered combining a visit to Tunisia and Algeria into one single tour? Let Mosaic North Africa plan your next North Africa adventure. Specializing in custom designed private tours, we take our clients...
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Tamerza Gorge

3 Oasis Towns in Tunisia to Visit

Southern Tunisia boasts incredible Oasis towns and cities that should be explored! There are activities for whole families to enjoy in this region from camel trekking, to quad rides, train ride through stunning gorges, and...
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Berber Village of Chenini

Ancient Berber Village of Chenini in Southern Tunisia

When traveling in the south of Tunisia, a visit to Chenini is sure to be a highlight. Chenini is an ancient village constructed into the tops of two mountains only separated by a white washed...
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Sidi Jamour Beach

Djerba Island, Tunisia – Rich History, Culture and Sun in Southern Tunisia

Don’t miss experiencing the beautiful Djerba Island in your travels to southern Tunisia. Djerba Island is a quick flight from Tunis and a great location to end, or split up your Tunisia Tour.  This small...
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El Jem Colosseum (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Why Explore Tunisia Through a Custom Tour?

The country of Tunisia offers world-class sites, accommodations, and excursions that are often left unseen by even the most seasoned travelers. Since the ‘Arab Spring’ many travelers are looking to explore other regions due to...
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Sfax Medina

Visiting the Historic Sfax Medina in Southern Tunisia

Sfax is the second largest city in Tunisia and also contains the second largest port in the country. The city of Sfax is economically robust and is the heart of industry in the south. The...
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When to Travel to Tunisia

Tunisia is located in a warm temperate area. Considering its landscapes, the country offers a climate for everyone. In the north, the climate is Mediterranean and characterized by mild, wet winters and hot dry summers....
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Bardo National Museum in Tunis

Best 3 Museums to Visit in Tunis, Tunisia

Besides beautiful beaches and luxury hotels and restaurants, there are many fascinating museums to visit in Tunis. One of the finest and visited tourist destinations in the outskirts of the city is the Bardo National Museum....
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National Parks in Tunisia

There are eight landmark national parks in Tunisia. Each one of these heavenly places is being protected and represents a side of Tunisia that is so much different from the usual busy life of a...
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Beach in Djerba

A Brief History of Djerba Island, Tunisia

Djerba Island covers an area of 514 sq. km and is the largest island in Northern Africa. Situated in the Gulf of Gabes, off the coast of Tunisia, the island is 120 km away from...
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Dar El Jeld in Tunis Medina

Top 5 Restaurants in Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis is the home of one of the best restaurants in the country offering typical Tunisian cuisine prepared impeccably and served in an excellent ambiance. Whether you are just passing by Tunis or you are...
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