Tunisian Couscous

Recipe for Tunisian Couscous

Couscous is one of the most common meals in the Maghreb. It is often eaten in Morocco on Fridays and in Tunisia on Sundays. The specific about it is that it is prepared in a...
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Berber Village of Chenini

Explore Chenini in Tunisia: Historic Berber Hillside Town

A Brief History of Chenini in Tunisia Chenini in Tunisia is a ruined Berber village located 16 kilometers west of Tataouine. The Ksar is immediately catching the eye, the mosque and its minarets rising as...
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Alcohol in Tunisia: Beer and Wine

Tunisia is a Muslim country and although the use of alcohol in Tunisia is restricted to a certain degree, it is not completely forbidden. Wine and beer as well as other types of alcohol are...
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Amphitheatre at the Archaeological Site of Bulla Regia

Bulla Regia, Tunisia: Roman Town with Underground Villas

Bulla Regia is one of the most fascinating and excellently preserved Roman sites in Tunisia. Located in the northwestern part of the country, it used to be Roman city and as such still possess the...
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Red Lizard Train in Tunisia

Ride the Historic Red Lizard Train in Tunisia through Canyons

Capture all that Tunisia has to offer by taking to the railway and creating memories that last a lifetime. Setting off from the town of Metlaoui, located between Gafsa and Tozeur, the famous old Red...
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Tunisian Tajine Recipe

Tajine in Tunisian could almost be describe as a quiche. It is not to be confused with the Moroccan tajine (read our Everything You Need to Know About Morccan Tajine article). This dish is spicy...
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Zitouna Mosque in Tunis Medina

Explore Ancient Medinas in Tunisia

One of the most fascinating places to visit in any country of North Africa is undoubtedly the medina. The medina is the place where people gather to display their trade, shop, and to meet with...
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Red Lizard Train in Tunisia

Ride the Red Lizard Train in Tunisia

A ride on the Red Lizard Train is a must during your private Tunisia tour. This amazing and extraordinary journey takes you through mountain valleys with incredible scenery. The train was used in the movie...
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Utica, Tunisia: Coastal Archaeological Site

Utica is an archaeological site located in an ancient port city founded by the Phoenicians. It is about thirty kilometres northwest of Carthage in the governorate of Bizerte. The name Utica means “old town” in...
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Nomadic Guides Cooking Bread in the Sahara Sand

Experience the Sahara Desert: Camping, Camel Excursion and Stories from Local Guides

An unforgettable adventure is camping in the Sahara Desert. During the trip, you will be offered the rare opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Sahara Desert surrounded with its colors, and majestic surroundings. This...
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El Ghriba Synagogue in Djerba Island

North Africa’s Oldest Synagogue – El Ghriba on Djerba Island

The El Ghriba Synagogue is located on the island of Djerba in the village of Harah Sghira and is the most famous Jewish site for the local community. The synagogue is a low built construction...
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Travel to Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia

Looking for your next travel destination? Do not miss an opportunity to have an unforgettable tour through Morocco, Algeria, or Tunisia. We specialize in custom private tours to the best historical and cultural sites. We...
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