Star Wars Film Locations in Tunisia

Take the ultimate Star Wars pilgrimage to visit all the Star Wars film locations in Tunisia. Star Wars fans will particularly enjoy exploring the film locations from the original movie. Imagine yourself visiting the Cantina, stepping...
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Family Travel in North Africa?

Whether riding a camel in the Sahara desert, romping through the ancient Roman ruins, or winding your way into the heart of an ancient Medina, North Africa is a wonderful place to travel as a...
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Tours to Tunisia

In under two weeks, a Tunisia tour will take you exploring the ancient ruins scattered across Tunisia, relax on one of Tunisia’s beaches, and take a camel ride in the desert. Since the ‘Arab Spring‘ which...
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Custom Tours: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia

How do you know  which sites to visit, cities to see, medina’s to explore, and hotels to stay in? North Africa is a filled with marvelous places to see and it is truly a Safari...
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Temple of Minerva at Dougga

5 Recommended Sites on Your Tunisia Tour

Any traveler to Tunisia can be overwhelmed by the number of sites and museums to visit during your tour. One of the great things about traveling through Tunisia is that it is a small country and travelers...
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Ways to Enjoy Your Tunisia Tour

Tunisia is a small country packed full of cultures, landscapes, and sites waiting to be discovered. In one day you can be riding a camel on the Sahara sands and later that same day be...
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Resort hotel in Djerba

Tunisian Hotels: A Helpful Guide to Where to Stay in Tunisia

Tunisia offers a wide variety of accommodations to meet any traveler’s standards and budget. You can relax in one of Tunisia’s beach resorts or stay in downtown Tunis. Tunisia also offers accommodations with more of...
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Ziplining in Tozeur

Family Adventure in Tozeur, Tunisia

The ride towards Tozeur, through Southern Tunisia, is a medley of winding roads, hairpin turns, and expansive views. It carries you through ancient towns climbing up the sides of rocky cliffs, acres of date palm...
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Kiteboarding in Tunisia

Kiteboarding is said to be one of the fastest growing water sports in the world.  If you want to experience what all the hype is about, check out Kiteboarding in Tunisia especially on Djerba Island!!!...
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Combined Country Tours – Morocco and Tunisia

Have you ever considered visiting Morocco and Tunisia in one tour? If you have traveled all the way to Morocco or Tunisia, why not adding another week visiting both? Mosaic North Africa custom designs tours...
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Why Travel to Tunisia? Top 5 Reasons to Visit Tunisia

Have you ever wanted to experience authentic North African culture and hospitality? Tunisia is an absolutely incredible country to explore in one weekend or a two weeks tour and you will be sure to leave...
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Darnell Epp – Our Tunisia Tour Representative

Are you looking for an authentic Tunisia tour designed just right for your travel needs and budget? Do you want to speak to our our Tunisia tours representative who has first hand knowledge and experience...
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