Bustling souk in Fes

Top 3 Cities to Visit in Morocco

Moroccan cities are a wonder to explore. You can sip mint tea in a chic cafe in ‘New Tow’ or get lost in the ancient medinas where only a local guide can help you get...
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Tajine dishes in front of Ait Ben Haddou

Moroccan Cuisine: Three Delicious Dishes

Morocco cuisine is world-famous for its delicious taste and is arguably the best in the North Africa region. Using a variety of spices each dish bursts with flavours! Here are three Moroccan cuisine dishes that...
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Kairaouine Mosque in Fes

Travel in Class to Majestic Morocco

Experience the history and culture of Morocco in class as you have a 5 stars Morocco experience from arrival to departure. Morocco is an excellent destination that allows you to explore ancient medinas, Roman sites,...
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Essaouira medina entrance

Experience the Enchanting Essaouira in Coastal Morocco

Stand on a fortified wall gazing at the crashing waves, wind through the culturally rich medina, or sit down to a fresh fish meal while you watch the wonders of Morocco pass you by. Essaouira...
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Combined Country Tours – Morocco and Tunisia

Have you ever considered visiting Morocco and Tunisia in one tour? If you have traveled all the way to Morocco or Tunisia, why not adding another week visiting both? Mosaic North Africa custom designs tours...
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Coastal Town of Essaouira

Beautiful Coastal Cities in Morocco

When exploring Morocco, do not forget the gorgeous landscapes and coastal cities in Morocco. Many travelers stick to the ancient medinas or the enjoy a night in the Sahara, which should not be missed, but...
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Best Time to Visit Morocco

When is the best time to visit Morocco? Although Morocco and be traveled any time of the year, it can be more comfortable to travel in certain seasons. Here are some of our suggestions on...
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Sahara Camel Trek in Morocco

Family Travel in Morocco

Family travel in Morocco is filled with fun and adventures! Morocco is an excellent destination for families to explore that includes lots of history, culture, world famous cuisine, and adventure. After spending 3.5 years living in...
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Day Trip from Fes: Explore Caverns in Morocco

While traveling in Morocco, you may want to consider a day trip to the Caverns in Morocco such as the Gouffre du Friouato in Taza. Located approximately 3-4 hours from Fes, this massive cavern will...
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La Sultana Marrakech

Top 5 Luxury Hotels and Riads in Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is one of the most important cities in Morocco. This is the place known for its trade and entertainment among the locals. Berber villagers and southern tribesmen continue to bring their goods to the...
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Moroccan Couscous

Recipe for Moroccan Couscous

Moroccan cuisine is very delicious, original, and rich in flavor, slightly spicy, simple, and nourishing. It has something to offer to the most refined taste. The ingredients that are normally used are the ones being...
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Riad in Marrakech, Morocco

Difference Between a Riad and a Hotel in Morocco

What’s the Difference Between a Riad and a Hotel? There is a significant difference between a riad and a hotel, although with lots of similarities when it comes to amenities and facilities. What is a...
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