Atlas Mountains

Culture and Adventure Morocco Tours

Traveling and exploring Morocco is a must for any world traveler. The sights, sounds, and warm hospitality of Morocco make this country a world class destination. Most Morocco tours include visits to the Imperial cities,...
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Money travel tips

Money Travel Tips: Cash or Credit Card in North Africa

A common question among travelers to North Africa is whether they should bring cash for their tour for meals, souvenirs, etc. Below are recommendations for obtaining local currency when traveling in North Africa. Cash or...
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Camel trek in the Sahara Desert

What to Bring on a Sahara Desert Excursion

On a Sahara excursion, you will have incredible experiences and see some of the best scenery in the world. Part of having this memorable experience will be making sure you pack light and take the...
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Couscous in tajine

Everything You Need to Know About Moroccan Tagine

Following our popular article on everything you need to know about Tunisian Harissa, we will now explore Moroccan cuisine to discover the world famous Moroccan tagine. Disclaimer: Reading this article may make you extremely hungry....
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Babouche Shopping in the Moroccan Souk

A Guide to Purchasing Moroccan Babouche (Leather Slipper)

During your travel to Morocco, you will come across an endless variety of souvenirs to purchase especially in enormous souk (market) such as in Fes and Marrakech. The Moroccan babouche, a traditional Moroccan leather slipper...
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Plugs C, E, F

Which Power Plugs to Use in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria?

Power Plugs and Sockets of Morocco In Morocco, the standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. The power sockets in Morocco are of type C and E. – A Plug type C...
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Family Travel in North Africa?

Whether riding a camel in the Sahara desert, romping through the ancient Roman ruins, or winding your way into the heart of an ancient Medina, North Africa is a wonderful place to travel as a...
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Leather Tannery in the Fes Medina

Fes, Morocco City Tour

Situated at the base of the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Fes is a city that will dazzle and amaze even the most experienced traveler. Founded over 1200 years ago by Moulay Idriss II, Fes...
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Dar Al Manar – A Beautiful Guesthouse in El Jadida, Morocco

The Dar Al Manar is a charming guesthouse found in the outskirts of El Jadida, Morocco. The guesthouse is tastefully decorated with both traditional and modern Moroccan art. Ms. Fatima, the house owner, welcomes you...
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Custom Tours: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia

How do you know  which sites to visit, cities to see, medina’s to explore, and hotels to stay in? North Africa is a filled with marvelous places to see and it is truly a Safari...
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Bakery in Morocco

Tips to a Successful Morocco Tour

Morocco will captivate any traveler as you encounter the great beauty and cultures found throughout the country. There are many ways to travel through Morocco and enjoy your tour but below are 4 tips to...
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Camel trek in the Sahara Desert

Morocco Desert Tour

Are you looking for a Sahara desert adventure? Do you want to climb a Sahara sand dune? Mosaic North Africa offers an excellent one-day excursion in the Sahara desert, which is a must for any...
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