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What to Bring When Traveling to Algeria

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first-time explorer, Algeria needs to be on your must-see list. If you are considering a trip to Algeria, below is a helpful list of items of what...
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Combine Tunisia and Algeria in One Tour

Have you ever considered combining a visit to Tunisia and Algeria into one single tour? Let Mosaic North Africa plan your next North Africa adventure. Specializing in custom designed private tours, we take our clients...
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Mary at Timgad ruins in Algeria

Tips to a Safe and Unforgettable Algeria Tour

Many travelers ask if Algeria travel is safe? Due to violence in certain regions visitors often shy away from Algeria and visit neighbouring Tunisia and Morocco. But if you are looking for an authentic North...
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Tomb of the Christian in Algeria

What to See in Algiers in a Weekend

If you are traveling to Algeria for business or pleasure over a weekend, you may be wondering what sites, museums, or places are worth seeing in Algiers in a weekend? Algiers is a fascinating city...
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Museum of Antiquities in Algiers

Museums in Algiers, Algeria

The museums in Algiers, Algeria are some of North Africa’s most diverse museums in the region. From pre-history displays at the Bardo Museum to the Museum of Armed Forces, you will find hidden historical wonders...
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Preparing for Your Algeria Tour

Algeria is quickly becoming one of North Africa’s sought out travel destinations. The country has been investing more in the tourism industry with new hotels popping up in major cities. If you are looking to...
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Two Luxury Hotels in Algeria

Algeria is the neighboring country of Morocco and it’s a well visited destination of the region. If you are visiting the country for the first time will, its originality and preserved history will impress you....
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Landscape of Constantine

Why Visit Constantine in Algeria

Constantine is the third largest city of Algeria with a population of 448.374. The city is deeply carved out by the Rhumel River transforming it into natural fortress. It has always been a center of...
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Kasbah of Algiers (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Vist the Casbah in Algiers

The Casbah in Algiers, an UNESCO World Heritage Site in Algeria is a touch to the real culture and heritage of the country.
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Augustine History and Sites on an Algeria Tour

Augustine of Hippo also known as Saint Augustine is an early Christian theologian who has greatly influenced Western Christianity and Philosophy. His life and work has been most fascinating leaving a legacy that is cherished...
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Victor at Oran Harbor

Royal Hotel Oran: A Night in Algerian Luxury

The Royal Hotel Oran is located in Oran, Algeria. It is situated in a city on the northwestern Mediterranean coast of Algeria and is the second largest city. The distance from the capital Algiers is...
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Musée des Beaux Arts

The National Museum of Fine Arts in Algiers

The National Museum of Fine Arts was built in Algiers in 1927. The building is on the forest hill of the Hamma quarter in the heart of the majestic Algerian Bay and the green scenery...
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