Algerian Merguez

Famous Algerian Food and Recipes

Algerian food is a mixture of Berber, Arab, Turkish, French and Jewish dishes. The locals prefer eating more spicy food rich in vegetables, meat and seasonings. Desserts are made of fresh fruits and dates. A...
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Albert Camus

Algerian History Lesson: Who was Albert Camus?

Albert Camus was the first Algerian-born French author to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957. He is a well-known writer, philosopher, and journalist. Albert Camus’s work has been initially associated with the...
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Rai music in Oran

Oran: The Birthplace of Rai Music

Rai is one of the main musical genres in Algeria that can be heard from different parts of the country. This type of music is played by the young people in Oran and Algiers. What...
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Climbing the Roman Site of Tiddis

What to Do and See at the Roman Algerian Site of Tiddis

The ruins of the city of Tiddis are few kilometers away from Constantine and they served as protection during the era of the Romans. Tiddis itself occupies a picturesque fortified position at the entrance of...
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Hidden Secrets of El Atteuf, Algeria

Algeria is a vast country with lots of hidden historical sites that are great to explore. An incredible site that is a must-see is El Atteuf. El Atteuf is located at 500 kilometers south of...
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Ghardaia in the M'Zab Valley (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Ghardaia, Algeria: Top 3 Accommodation Options

Ghardaia is a located in the northern central part of Algeria in the Sahara Desert and borders the bank of the Wadi Mzab. This is the home of the M’zab Valley recognized by UNESCO as...
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A Night in History and Luxury: Stay at the Hotel Djazair in Algiers

The hotel Djazair or El-Djazair has been named paradise by Henri de Montherlant. He has stayed several years in Algeria and particularly in this hotel whose previous name was Saint George. With its gardens, tropical...
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Zana: Archeological Site in Algeria

Zana or Diana Veteranorum is an ancient site located 90 kilometers southwest of Constantine. Dating back to at least the 2nd century AD it was established for the veterans from the Third Augustan Legion. Later...
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Constantine - The City of Bridges

Constantine, Algeria – The Historic City of Bridges

Constantine or the “the City of Bridges” is the third largest city in Algeria, tucked away in a rocky plateau 650 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by the magnificent gorge of the Rhumel...
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Ghardaia in the M'Zab Valley (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Travel Distances in Algeria: Preparing for your Algeria Travels

Before departing for your Algeria tour, it is important to have an idea of travel distances from the capital Algiers. Remember Algeria is the largest country in Africa and you will need to factor in...
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Air Algerie

Traveling to Algeria? Which Airline Should You Choose?

Algeria is located in the Northern part of Africa and there are 42 airports that serve international and domestic flights. The major airline companies that have regular flights to Algeria are: •    Air France •  ...
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Hammam Meskhoutine

Off the Beaten Track – Visiting Hammam Meskhoutine in Algeria

Hammam Meskhoutine or “The Bath of the Cursed” is a fascinating formation to visit while travelling through Algeria. It is located in the region of Guelma and is famous for its warm waters and extraordinary...
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