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While traveling in Morocco, do not miss the opportunity to learn to cook world famous Moroccan cuisine by taking cooking lessons in Morocco. The specific tastes is due to the mixture of different flavors and spices taken from various cultures. The food is diverse and has been refined over the centuries by Berbers, Moorish, Arab, and Mediterranean influences. A careful blend of spices are used in Moroccan cooking and it is a centuries-old art to carefully balancing the flavours.

Cooking lessons in Morocco are a must for those interested in experiencing Moroccan cuisine and culture. Regardless if you are a beginner or experienced chef, there are cooking schools for all levels in Morocco.

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During your class the expert chefs will teach you how to plan your own menu and prepare the ingredients. In some lessons you will visit the souk where you are expected to bargain and purchase the most fresh ingredients. Your cooking experience will continue with learning time-honored techniques. At the end, you will be able to sit back and enjoy the delicious meal you have cooked.

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Some of the classes offer to teach you the secrets of the Moroccan pastries.
Two of the best cooking lessons in Morocco are at the Café Clock in Fes, La Maison Arabe in Marrakech.

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