Can I Drink Alcohol in Algeria During a Tour?

Algeria produces wine

You might be surprised to hear that Algeria is a well-known country that produces a lot of beer and wines. However, regardless of its major exporting industry, religious and cultural restrictions make drinking alcohol a sensitive topic in Algeria. Based on our experience creating custom tours in Algeria, here is everything we know about alcohol in Algeria.

Drinking Alcohol in Algeria

Due to strong conservative Islamic beliefs, alcoholic consumption is frowned upon throughout most of North Africa. Nevertheless, large exceptions are made for visiting tourists. If you want to drink alcohol in Algeria, there are some options to drink in restaurants, bars, hotels, and private homes. But in public, it is illegal to drink alcohol in Algeria.

Above all, we suggest using wisdom on when and where you drink to respect the local culture. Read on for information on where and how to drink on your visit.

Beer and food

Where to Buy Alcohol in Algeria

When visiting the country, you will find that alcohol in Algeria is not sold everywhere. Oftentimes, it is completely impossible to find. If you appreciate a little booze in your life, your best idea would be to buy some at the Algiers airport and replenish supplies if needed in the bigger cities.

Throughout your time, wine and beer can be found in some bar restaurants—especially the touristy ones. You can also find alcohol in some nightclubs and in higher-end hotels. If you visit any coastal cities, there will be fish restaurants located in almost every port. Many of these restaurants will serve some type of alcohol in addition to a fine fish meal.

Generally speaking, there is a very small selection of alcohol within the country. In terms of options, expect less popular brands and be open to some that you will not recognize. Trying new things is a highlight of visiting other cultures. If you build an African tour with us, we will make sure you get the most authentic adventure possible.

How to Avoid Disrespecting Locals

As a visitor, drinking alcohol in Algeria can be very disrespectful to the local community. Thus, our primary recommendation is to use wisdom throughout your travels. Don’t flaunt your freedom. If you plan to drink at all, do so privately or in appropriate settings (such as a tourist restaurant that serves drinks). Also, ask your guide how you can be respectful.

Algeria produces wine
Algeria produces and exports many wines to Europe

If you’d like an alternative, tea and coffee are the local drinks of choice in much of Africa. As avid coffee drinkers ourselves, we think that coffee there is the finest in the world—nothing like your local Starbucks. Make a little time in your time to enjoy a coffee in a local streetside coffee shop (or if you like soda; Boga or Pepsi).

But still, if you so insist, drinking can be done legally and privately in many places during your tour of Algeria. Do so responsibly and with consideration of the local culture.

Ready to Visit Algeria?

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Or, If you want more information on alcohol in North Africa, here are some articles on the wine industry in Morocco and alcohol in Tunisia.

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