Can I Drink Alcohol in Algeria During a Tour?

Algeria produces wine

Algeria is a well-known country that produces beer and wines. Since Algeria is an Islamic country, alcohol is quite difficult to find inland due to religious and cultural restrictions, so you will have to know where to find it.

Where to Buy Alcohol in Algeria

When visiting the country, you will find that alcohol in Algeria is not sold everywhere and is at times completely impossible to find. The best idea would be to buy some at the Algiers airport and replenish supplies if needed in the bigger cities.

Algeria produces wine
Algeria produces wine

Wine and beer can be found in some bar-restaurants in the bigger cities. You can also find alcohol in some nightclubs and in higher-end hotels (especially in international chain hotels).

Tea is still the drink of choice in Algeria, so you won’t find any alcohol being sold in fast-food restaurants or coffee shops. There are some discrete shops located in the towns and cities that will allow you to buy a bottle of Algerian wine to enjoy at home.

Beer and food
Beer and food

If you visit any of the coastal cities, there will be fish restaurants located in almost every port. Many of these restaurants will serve some type of alcohol in addition to a fine fish meal.

Drinking Alcohol in Algeria

Alcohol is not widely consumed in Algeria and it is often frowned upon since it is a conservation Islamic country. Remember to respect the local customs and religion while traveling in Algeria. It is illegal to drink alcohol in public. If you want to drink alcohol in Algeria, it is best to drink in restaurants, bars, hotels and private homes.

There is generally a very small selection of alcohol within the country. You should also expect less popular brands or brands that you likely will not recognize.

Alcohol in Morocco and Tunisia

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