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Culture and History Offered in 3 Algerian Coastal Towns

1. Algiers Algiers is the capital city in Algeria which was founded by the Ottomans with incredible history and unique architecture. The...
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Helpful Travel Tips Before Your Tunisia Tour

If you are in the planning stage of your Tunisia tour OR you have booked a tour, you may find the following...
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Is It Safe to Travel in Tunisia?

Over the past number of weeks and months, Tunisia has been in the news due to political changes, which have often led...
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Dining Out in Fez, Morocco: 3 Excellent Restaurants

Fes is a dynamic center of tradition well-known for its spectacular and lively atmosphere and rich history.Here’s the list of the 3...
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4 Best Sites to Visit on a Tunis Tour

The ‘old city’, or medina, district is the Tunis, Tunisia, historic heart and is filled with incredible sites. Here is a list...
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Recipe for Making Algerian Salad

Traditional Algerian cuisine includes a mix of various influences from Berber, Arab, Turkish, and French tastes. Algerians usually include the following ingredients...
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History of the Notre Dame D’Afrique in Algiers

Notre Dame d’Afrique (Our Lady of Africa) is a Catholic Basilica in Algiers, Algeria. The basilica was inaugurated in 1872, after fourteen...
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Helpful Travel Tips Before Your Morocco Tour

If you’re planning your Morocco travel below are some things you should know before visiting this incredible land! Most mosques are off-limits...
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