The Best Sandy White Beaches in Tunisia

Sidi Bou Said Coastal View

The sandy white beaches of Tunisia are the idyllic jewels on the Mediterranean Sea. With 1,000 kilometers of beaches, the Tunisian coastline remains an attraction for those seeking relaxation and a holiday in the sun. Besides hosting some of the most luxurious beach resorts, Tunisia has managed to transform tourism into a main source of revenue for its economy.

Here are some of the best-featured beaches in Tunisia:

La Marsa

The La Marsa area is most notable for its beautiful beaches. It has been particularly named one of the most beautiful beaches in Tunis. The color of the water is emerald while the coast is covered with white sands.


Kerkennah is also known as the forgotten Archipelago. The beach offers dream landscapes, wild beaches, clear sea, and excellent seafood restaurants. You would be seduced by the beauty of the Kerkennah Islands.


With recent development that has furnished the city with an elegant marine – Porto Corallo, Tabarka has transformed into a resort not to be missed especially if you also love scuba diving. The waters of Tabarka house a surprising décor with caves and forgotten treasures.

El Haouaria

El Haouaria is a small village in Cap Bon which offers wonderful scenery like golden beaches, green hills, and crystal clear water.

El Haouaria at Cap Bon
El Haouaria at Cap Bon


Hammamet is a beautiful coastal city and a major destination for outings. With a wide range of varied infrastructure and plenty of water sports to choose from, Hammamet is the home of serene, white sand beaches and excellent resorts.

Hammamet Beach
Hammamet Beach

Djerba Island

Djerba Island is known for its calm and turquoise beaches. Tourists and locals alike enjoy a horse ride or camel ride along the beach which makes for a great way to explore its beauty.

Beach in Djerba
Beach in Djerba


With stunning views and beaches covered with fine white sand, Kelibia with its recently restored fortress continues to attract visitors from all over.

Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said was once visited by the pirates of Barbosa and is currently one of the jewels of Tunisia. This white and blue village is a paradise for artists and attracts visitors that enjoy the wonders of its beaches.

Sidi Bou Said Coastal View
Sidi Bou Said Coastal View


Gammarth beach is often considered the most luxurious beach in the Tunis neighborhood. Lined by palm trees and surrounded by lush vegetation, the city of Gammarth is also known for its marina and luxurious beach resorts. A residence golf course is located nearby, and the city center offers a variety of activities, including scuba diving, snorkeling, and water skiing.

Visit One of These Best Beaches in Tunisia

Tunisia is blessed by some of the most spectacular Mediterranean beaches. If you are interested in visiting one of these beautiful beaches in Tunisia, our travel experts are happy to assist you to plan an unforgettable Tunisia tour.

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