Best 4 Beaches in Morocco

Surfing in Agadir

Morocco is a fascinating and diverse destination. Morocco has many things to offer from endless mountains to mesmerizing beaches. That’s why it’s not a secret that Morocco is one of the top destinations in Northern Africa for summer holidays.

The Best four Beaches in Morocco for sure are Mediterrania Saidia, Tangier, Agadir, and Dakhla.

Mediterranean Saidia

Mediterranean Saidia is a stunning resort located on the east border of Morocco that stretches for 6 kilometers along the coastline. The newly constructed marina has 740 spaces for boats, and a leisure and commercial shopping center. It’s a top destination for a luxurious holiday. The resort has on average 3000 hours of sunshine annually and average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. When combined with the white sand shores, the Mediterrania is a great place for beautiful scenic strolls along the expansive coastal track.


Tangier has for a long time been named the jewel of the Northern coast.  Overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, its beaches are only a short drive away from the city that has welcomed many celebrities in the past. Tangier offers something for all tastes. If you are a passionate surfer, then you need to go past the Cap Spartel where beaches stretch as far as you can see and ride the impressive waves. If you are looking for more tranquil environment, then on the Mediterranean side after the Cap Malabata, you will be welcomed by crystal clear waters hugging the shores of serene endless beaches.


Agadir is the home to a 10 kilometer long beach of fine sand. The sun is shining 300 days of the year with an average annual temperature of 23-25 degrees Celsius. It is a world renowned center for thalassotherapy, spa, hammam, and argan oil treatments. The beaches are wide with breath-taking view over the entire bay. It is also an excellent place to visit if you are looking for active adventure as the city beaches offer a variety of water sports.

Surfing in Agadir
Surfing in Agadir


Dakhla is a little fishing port surrounded by a blue lagoon. The beaches are surrounded by sand dunes and provide shelter for amazing groups of migratory birds, seals, and dolphins. The bay of Dakhla is considered to be the best kept secret in south Morocco. The seacoast is vast and attracts lots of visitors that are travelling through Morocco heading towards Mauritania. Major activities will cover kite and wind-surfing.

Discover the Beautiful Beaches in Morocco

These beaches in Morocco are great for lounging, swimming and other water activities including surfing. Read more about Surfing in Morocco.

There are also many beautiful coastal cities in Morocco for you to discover on a Morocco tour.

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