Beautiful Coastal Cities in Morocco

Coastal Town of Essaouira

When exploring Morocco, do not forget the gorgeous landscapes and coastal cities in Morocco. Many travelers stick to the ancient medinas or the enjoy a night in the Sahara, which should not be missed, but do not forget to add a few days relaxing in some of Morocco’s exotic coastal cities. Morocco is uniquely situated bordering both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean offering a wide variety of beaches and outdoor sports. Below are four coastal cities in Morocco that are well worth exploring on your Morocco tour.


Tangier is a short ferry ride from southern Spain and a great way to begin your Morocco adventure. Dating back to the 5th Century BC, Tangier offers a wide variety of historical sites. Be sure not to miss the ancient medina, museums, and the Hercules Cave. Climb up to surrounding vantage points to enjoy the views of where the Sea and Ocean meet.

Coastal City of Tangier
Coastal City of Tangier


Situated about 30 KM south of Tangier, Asilah has a beautiful waterfront that can be viewed from one of the vantage points in the Portuguese Fort. Wandering through the medina you will be struck by the variety of murals artistically decorating the medina. Be sure to taste some of the local daily catch.


Don’t miss the dramatic rocky coast line of Essaouira. You will want to make sure you have at least one full day here as you wander through the medina and surrounding areas. In the medina you will find a Portuguese Fort that was established in the 1500’s and it is still lined with canons. Walk through the local fish markets and enjoy the daily catch from shrimp to sharks. Visit the beaches on the edge of the city and take a camel or quad ride along the shore. The accommodations here are fantastic with Moroccan guest houses tastefully decorated with ocean views.

Essaouira Port
Essaouira Port


This is more of a ‘resort’ town with large 3 to 5 star accommodations along the coast. If you are looking for a place to kick back and enjoy the beach here is the place to go. The marina offers a wide variety of local shops and cafes to sit down and enjoy some coffee and ice cream. Be sure to walk to the top of Casbah to have a bird’s eye view of the marina and town. If you are interested in surfing check out the surrounding seaside villages where you can rent surfboards.

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