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Whether exploring Tipaza beside the Mediterranean Sea, or gazing over the vast site of Timgad, or standing in the Basilica of Peace in Hippo, Algeria is awaiting your discovery! Algeria is a fascinating country with many excellent archaeological sites, making it a perfect place for archaeological tours in Algeria. In June 2012, we had a group of 17 travelers, many of them professors, from America and Australia who were archaeologists and historians.

Roman Ruins at Djemila
Roman Ruins at Djemila

What does the tour include?

Archaeological tours in Algeria will visit sites such as Tipaza, Cherchell, Algiers Archaeological Museum, Djemila, Timgad, and more. We custom design each tour to meet the needs and interests of the travelers. If you are a student or scholar and you have a particular interest in one location, please let us know and we can adjust the tour accordingly. You will also be accompanied by an Algerian tour manager who will make sure all your logistical details are taken care of. Depending on group sizes we will also provide one or two English-speaking translators and if available to join the tour we have Algerian English-speaking translators who have recently finished their archaeology degrees. There will be site guides available as well. We also provide security escorts during the tour when needed.


Looking for Archeologists and Historians…

If you are a scholar in the field of archaeology or history in North Africa, please contact Mosaic North Africa. Those experts who would like to visit Algeria, do some on-site teaching, and assist Mosaic North Africa in organizing a group of 10+ people, will have their tour costs covered.

Come and discover these amazing historical and archaeological sites of Algeria! Please contact Mosaic North Africa to begin planning your archaeological tours in Algeria:

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