Archaeological Sites Off the Tourist Track – Madure and Khemissa in Algeria


Madure’s Roman ruins are situated near Souk Ahras. Madure is surrounded by beautiful hills with superb views. The ruins have a number of important sights that make the visit well worth the effort. You will find a large Byzantine fort and a Roman theatre with a backdrop of rolling hills. Over the hill from the fort is a tall freestanding Roman tomb, much like the ones in Palmyra. The ruins also have the usual bath house and temple ruins. There is a small museum on site. St. Augustine also studied in Madure.


Khemissa is a town in the Souk Ahras Provincein north-easternAlgeria. Khemissa has some outstanding ruins. To the left of the entrance is a very well preserved Roman theatre, which is next to a long pool. The ruins to the right of the entrance have a number of arches still intact that are quite picturesque. A temple ruin on a hilltop offers great views of the surrounding region. Situated near here is an unusual Roman complex built into the hillside – perhaps tombs. At the furthest point away from the entrance are some Roman tomb stones and an entrance arch to the town.

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