Algeria Adventure: Roman North Africa

Mosaic North Africa organized a group of 17 archaeologists, church historians, and Roman historians from June 5th to the 14th, 2012, in Algeria. I accompanied the group for the majority of the trip as we traveled from Cherchell, Algiers, Djemila, and across to Annaba visiting Roman sites along the way. Algeria is rich with Roman ruins that few travelers visit. We explored UNESCO world heritage sites such as Timgad and Djemila with only a few other tourists enjoying these ruins. It is often thought to be an unsafe country to travel, yet we did not encounter any security concerns during our 10 days in the country. As a matter we were accompanied by security escorts while we traveled between the sites.

Who should visit Roman Algeria?

Anyone interested in North Africa, history, cultures, and archaeology will find the Roman sites in Algeria hidden treasures that are awaiting to be discovered and explored. If you are an expert and have studied these sites it is well worth your time to see first hand the landscapes, museums, and sites. For those travelers looking for a ‘polished’ vacation this might not be the place to see because this trip will have you get up early in the morning and you may be on the sites until later in the afternoon.

Please contact Mosaic North Africa and allow us to organize for you or your group a Best of Roman Algeria tour in Roman North Africa.

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Joshua Mok has been living in Tunisia since 2016. He has traveled extensively throughout the country, and has firsthand experience with the language, people, and culture of North Africa. It is his passion to introduce to others some of the best destinations in North Africa that he has experienced.

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