Ain Draham – Mountain Town in Northern Tunisia

Ain Draham

Ain Draham is a city in North-Western Tunisia in the Jendouba Governorate, located 25 kilometers south of Tabarka. This was once a military outpost established by the French Colonizer, with an old French quarter which was used by the military during the colonial times. This region is now known as a regional economic hub, and also has a reputation of a beautiful mountainous paradise.

Ain Draham
Ain Draham

Things to Do in Ain Draham

Ain Draham is a great attraction for outdoor enthusiasts. This is a charming village that offers numerous outdoors activities. There are stables in the area that offer horseback riding throughout the countryside. Additionally, there are several options to go hiking in the mountains and forest areas. A guided hike in the mountains is highly recommended if this is your first time hiking in this area. There are also ancient ruins of Roman baths to explore in this area.

Those looking for a relaxing holiday will want to book a night or two at the El Mouradi Hamman Bourguiba to enjoy its quality thermal springs and its sulphurous water which have a popular reputation since Antiquity.

In the winter there is often snowfall in December or January and you can find cottage options to rent with fireplaces. In the summer Ain Draham is a great place to escape from the heat and enjoy the cooler mountain temperatures. The Green Hill Resorts is highly recommended with its quality thermal spa services.

Visit Surrounding Areas

Take a day trip to the Roman archaeological site of Bulla Regia to explore the Roman underground villas, or head to the coast at Tabarka for some of the best snorkeling in Tunisia.

Amphitheatre at the Archaeological Site of Bulla Regia
Amphitheatre at the Archaeological Site of Bulla Regia
"The Needles" Rock Formations at Tabarka
“The Needles” Rock Formations at Tabarka

Plan a Trip to Ain Draham

Interested in visiting Ain Draham? Our travel experts are ready to assist you to plan an unforgettable Tunisia tour that will visit the beauty of northwestern Tunisia.

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