Adventure Travel in Algeria

Dawn with kids in Algerian museum

Do you offer Adventure Travel in Algeria? Going where few travelers are willing to go!

Every trip to Algeria is an adventure and an experience of a lifetime. Most world travelers remind me of how many countries they have visited but often Algeria is not on their list of countries they have traveled to. For some reason Algeria has remained that mysterious country that few travelers will visit. But if you are looking for an adventure, then Algeria is the place to go because one day in Algeria is usually full of unforgettable experiences.

What kind of Algeria tours do you offer?

We specialize in Roman North Africa tours, but we can plan Oasis tours and tours to the Sahara desert. Let us know if you would like a night under the stars during your desert tour. We can help you plan an adventure travel in Algeria.

Golden Sahara Sand Dunes in Algeria
Golden Sahara Sand Dunes in Algeria

Is it safe to travel to Algeria?

All of our tours are accompanied by either an English speaking tour manager or a French Speaking tour manager with an English speaking translator. These tour managers will make sure you enjoy your visit and that security escorts are provided if necessary.

What is the most important thing I can bring to have an amazing Algeria tour?

HAVING A GOOD ATTITUDE! This will get you a long way on your tour. Algeria is not like many countries and many of their facilities and hotels are not set up for tourists as neighbouring Morocco or Tunisia. But if you like Adventure and plan to come to Algeria then it is best to come with a smile and enjoy this beautiful country!

Dawn with kids in Algerian museum
Our client Dawn with kids in Algerian museum

Start Planning Your Adventure Travel in Algeria

Contact Mosaic North Africa and we will be happy to plan your adventure travel in Algeria. You can also check out all of our packaged Algeria tours.

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