Adventure Sahara Quad Trips in Tunisia

Quad Biking to the Ruins of Roman Fort of Tsivar Near Ksar Ghilane

The only way to truly experience the secrets of the Sahara Desert is actually getting into it. The high dunes, the fine sand, and the warm colors are incredible scenes in the desert. Taking Sahara quad trips in Tunisia is how you will enter this magical place and be overwhelmed with its vastness and variety.

Sahara quad trips in Tunisia have become a very popular attraction among tourists. It is a ride filled with pleasure and extraordinary photographic opportunities. It’s is a must try when visiting the Sahara Desert!

Quad Biking at Ksar Ghilane
Quad Biking Adventure

Sahara Quad Trips in Douz

The best starting point for a quad ride is the city Douz. Located just 125 kilometers away from Tozeur, it is built at the door step of the desert. The city’s other name is “Gateway to the Sahara”. It is a favourite place for exploring and has lots to offer. If you are planning to have a quad ride from Douz and you also want to combine the adventure with some local experience, you should plan to travel when the annual International Festival of the Sahara will be held at the end of the year. Quad rides must be booked in advance and have a minimum of 4 persons per trip between September and May. The summer tends to be too hot in the Sahara to be on a quad tour.

Sahara Quad Trips in Ksar Ghilane

Ksar Ghilane is another popular “Gateway to the Sahara” for Sahara quad trips. Many vendors have quad bikes ready for your Sahara quad trip. These types of rides involve driving sports bike quads with automatic transmission. The bikes have all road ability to cross sand dunes and any sort of harsh terrains.

The abandoned ruins of the Roman Fort of Tsivar is conveniently located nearby which makes for the perfect quad trek adventure. You or your group will be able to take a brief stop to explore this abandoned fortress before resuming your quad ride. There is also a natural oasis where you take a quick swim to avoid the Sahara heat. There are also several accommodation options ranging from traditional Berber tents to hotel-style guesthouses to luxury tents with air-conditioning and bathroom.

Quad Biking to the Ruins of Roman Fort of Tsivar Near Ksar Ghilane
Quad Biking to the Ruins of Roman Fort of Tsivar Near Ksar Ghilane
Quad Biking at Ksar Ghilane
Quad Biking at Ksar Ghilane

Booking Your Sahara Quad Trips in Tunisia

Tourists describe the quad ride as a reviving experience for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts!

If you are interested to learn more or to book your Sahara quad trips in Tunisia, our travel experts are happy to assist you to plan an unforgettable Tunisia tour. Come and experience the fun and adventures that the Sahara desert can provide!

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