A Night in History and Luxury: Stay at the Hotel Djazair in Algiers

The hotel Djazair or El-Djazair has been named paradise by Henri de Montherlant. He has stayed several years in Algeria and particularly in this hotel whose previous name was Saint George.

Henry de Montherlant
Henry de Montherlant

With its gardens, tropical flora, Arab-Ottoman architecture, and its strategic location in the heart of the capital Algiers, the Hotel Djazair is a dreamy place that welcomes you. The surroundings are a subtle and harmonious mixture of traditional and contemporary.

The building is raised high above the clear waters of the Algerian Bay offering panoramic views of the whitewashed colonial palaces and palm-tree gardens. Once the hotel was a Moorish palace and it was transformed into the St. George Hotel under the influence of the 130 years of French Rule. For several months in 1942 and 1943, Gen Dwight D. Eisenhower. stayed at this hotel. The suite he has stayed in is located on the upper floor and has a balcony overlooking the mimosa blossoms. The room has a brass plaque to mark his historical stay. Other important historical figures have also stayed in the hotel over the years and in particular Kipling, Gide, and Churchill.

The hotel is tastefully decorated in typical local style and a touch of class. The rooms are full of history which is well preserved and the garden offers an excellent relaxing point. The presence of an outdoor (seasonal) and indoor swimming pool adds to the comfort of this incredible hotel. The restaurants on-site offer a variety of local and French dishes made to perfection.

The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the city with easy access to shopping areas and sites. It will be a true pleasure to stay in this classy hotel surrounded by history.

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