4 Best Sites for Kids in Marrakech, Morocco

Jamaa El Fna at Dusk

The Moroccan city of Marrakech is like a colorful labyrinth where getting lost is part of the fun. The city’s winding alleys, hidden shops, and fascinating sites make it a dream destination when you are traveling with kids. The exuberance of things you can do will be a thrilling experience for every little explorer. Such a trip can be even better than a regular visit to Disneyland as the setting is historically genuine and the sensation is of a real journey back in time.

When visiting Marrakech with your children, you should definitely visit these four incredible sites.

A Trip to the Jemma el-Fnaa

The Jemma el-Fnaa is a truly magical place that will completely engulf your kids by subtly involving them in the daily activities of the locals and will make them want to come back for more. The square is a wide-open space. The snake charmers are bewitching their cobras with the power of the music while the monkeys are performing tricks that will completely fascinate you. In the late afternoon, the place grows even busier as storytellers, acrobats, musicians, and different types of entertainers come out to perform their magic. You children will feel like they are part of this enchanting carnival.

Jamaa El Fna at Dusk
Jamaa El Fna at Dusk

Tour the Koutoubia Mosque

Your next stop should be the Koutoubia Mosque. It will be a completely different experience than the one of the Jemma el-Fnaa. Here, your kids will find it challenging to walk around this architectural monument that is nearly 70 meters high and is one of the oldest Almohad towers. While exploring the insides of this architectural achievement covered with interesting arches. Ask them to stand close to the arches and notice how the stones of the main body of the tower get slightly smaller.

Mosque at Marrakech
Mosque at Marrakech

Explore Le Jardin Majorelle

This is one of the most visited places in Marrakech. Take your time to wander with your children the shady paths surrounded by trees and exotic plants. Let them be drawn by the murmur of the water and the refreshing ponds willed with water lilies and lotus. The air is filled with fragrances. Here and there, you will hear the sweet rustle of the leaves and the chirping of birds. This is peaceful and rich in colors. The ambiance is incredible as there is so much to be seen there.

Experience the Souks of Marrakech

Every trip is associated with some shopping. Marrakech’s souks are like taken out of a fairy-tale. The potion sellers trading substances like those in the Harry Potter movies, small-sized shops filled with slippers like those that Cinderella should wear, or old Aladdin-like lamps piled on tables, are part of the items that can be found. A visit to any of the Marrakech souks is like shopping for spells and charms.

Decorative Plates in Marrakech
Decorative Plates in Marrakech

Want to Visit Marrakech?

If you are interested in visiting Marrakech, our travel experts are happy to assist you to plan an unforgettable Morocco tour.

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