3 Ways to Add More Adventure to Your Tunisia Tour

Quad Biking at Ksar Ghilane

A trip to Tunisia can be full of incredible fun and exhilarating opportunities for adventure! That’s why we put together some Optional Activities and Day Trips in Tunisia for those wanting to get off the beaten track or to dive deeper into the local Tunisian culture. If you’re an adrenaline junkie or just want to add more adventure to your Tunisia tour, then here are 3 tips:

Test Your Skills with Kite Boarding

In the south on Tunisia on the Island of Djerba lies one of the best sites for learning the sport of kite boarding, one of the fasting growing water sports in the world.  Take advantage of the beautiful water, wind, and weather, and go for an introductory lesson.  Djerba has some amazing locations with English speaking instructors that give you accredited one on one instructions.  Kite boarding is for all ages and does not take a lot of upper body strength.  Test your skill, experience the thrill, and learn something new.  This experience can easily be added on to your tour.

Beach in Djerba
Beach in Djerba

Go on a Camel Trek or Quad Bike into the Sahara

A great way to enjoy the Sahara Desert is by taking a camel trek through the sand dunes. Camel caravans can be as short or as long as you like. Sleep in a nomadic Berber tent which travels with you and escape from the noise of the day-to-day busy life. If you want to see the Sahara at higher speeds take a quad tour. We can prepare your quad excursion from one to four days in the desert.

Quad Biking at Ksar Ghilane
Quad Biking at Ksar Ghilane

Water Sports on a Turquoise Beach

The beaches of Tunisia are incredibly beautiful so why not take a short flight over the ocean and beach hotels on a parasail? Jet skis are also for rent at most of the beaches and explore the open waters at high speed.

Be sure to check out our Optional Activities and Day Trips in Tunisia for more suggestions on how to add some more adventure to your Tunisia tour.

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Joshua Mok has been living in Tunisia since 2016. He has traveled extensively throughout the country, and has firsthand experience with the language, people, and culture of North Africa. It is his passion to introduce to others some of the best destinations in North Africa that he has experienced.

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