3 Must-See Sites in Constantine, Algeria

Sidi M'Cid Bridge above the Rhumel Gorge

Encounter one of Algeria’s most picturesque cities as you gaze over the Rhumel Gorge in Constantine. This city of 500,000 should not be missed during your Algeria tour circuit.  Below are three reasons to take time to explore the city of bridges.

Landscape of Constantine
Landscape of Constantine

Rhumel Gorge

Make sure you gaze over the Rhumel Gorge and walk over one of the six bridges. The Sidi M’Cid bridge is about 175m above the gorge and 164m long and offers fantastic views of the steep gorge below.

Sidi M'Cid Bridge above the Rhumel Gorge
Sidi M’Cid Bridge above the Rhumel Gorge

Museum of Cirta

Take time to explore the hidden treasures in the Museum of Cirta. Here you will find artifacts from the Punic to Roman periods with wonderful displays of mosaics found in the region.

Roman Site of Tiddis

The ancient Roman site of Tiddis is a site that you do NOT want to miss! Approximately 30km from Constantine, Tiddis is located on a hillside. Here you will enjoy exploring Roman homes, a triumphal arch, and evidence of the early Church in this region.

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Climbing the Roman Site of Tiddis
Climbing the Roman Site of Tiddis

Visit Constantine

To make sure Constantine is part of your Algiera tour, please contact Mosaic North Africa.

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