January 5, 2017
Rai music in Oran

Oran: The Birthplace of Rai Music

Rai is one of the main musical genres in Algeria that can be heard from different parts of the country. This type of music is played by the young people in Oran and Algiers. What...
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Tunisian Couscous

Recipe for Tunisian Couscous

Couscous is one of the most common meals in the Maghreb. It is often eaten in Morocco on Fridays and in Tunisia on Sundays. The specific about it is that it is prepared in a...
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What to See in the Beautiful Moroccan Coastal Towns of Larache and Asilah

Some of the hidden gems of Morocco are the coastal towns of Larache and Asilah. Both are located in the northwest part of the country overlooking the ocean. Travelling the coastline one cannot escape the...
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Berber Village of Chenini

Explore Chenini in Tunisia: Historic Berber Hillside Town

A Brief History of Chenini in Tunisia Chenini in Tunisia is a ruined Berber village located 16 kilometers west of Tataouine. The Ksar is immediately catching the eye, the mosque and its minarets rising as...
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Female Travelers in Morocco

If you are considering traveling by yourself in Morocco, or with a group of girlfriends, there are several tips that need to be taken into consideration which will make your travels through this beautiful country...
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Moroccan Mint Tea

Recipe for Moroccan Mint Tea

The preparation of an excellent Moroccan mint tea is a true art. The mint tea is a national drink for Morocco and each Moroccan takes it with pride. For the making of a good mint...
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Climbing the Roman Site of Tiddis

What to Do and See at the Roman Algerian Site of Tiddis

The ruins of the city of Tiddis are few kilometers away from Constantine and they served as protection during the era of the Romans. Tiddis itself occupies a picturesque fortified position at the entrance of...
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Hidden Secrets of El Atteuf, Algeria

Algeria is a vast country with lots of hidden historical sites that are great to explore. An incredible site that is a must-see is El Atteuf. El Atteuf is located at 500 kilometers south of...
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Amphitheatre at the Archaeological Site of Bulla Regia

Bulla Regia, Tunisia: Roman Town with Underground Villas

Bulla Regia is one of the most fascinating and excellently preserved Roman sites in Tunisia. Located in the northwestern part of the country, it used to be Roman city and as such still possess the...
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Red Lizard Train in Tunisia

Ride the Historic Red Lizard Train in Tunisia through Canyons

Capture all that Tunisia has to offer by taking to the railway and creating memories that last a lifetime. Setting off from the town of Metlaoui, located between Gafsa and Tozeur, the famous old Red...
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Plan Your Travel to Morocco

Getting to Morocco by Air, Sea and Land

Getting to Morocco is very easily accessible by air, sea or land. Getting to Morocco By Air There are three major international airports that service flights every day of the week and facilitate movement in...
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