January 3, 2017

Museums Not to Miss While in Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is a city full of history, culture, and artistic heritage. The city houses many museums that show the treasures of the past in extraordinary palaces and incredible buildings contributing to the broad cultural diversity....
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Hammam Meskhoutine

Off the Beaten Track – Visiting Hammam Meskhoutine in Algeria

Hammam Meskhoutine or “The Bath of the Cursed” is a fascinating formation to visit while travelling through Algeria. It is located in the region of Guelma and is famous for its warm waters and extraordinary...
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Traveling South to Laayoune and Dakhla, Morocco

Situated 600 kilometers south of Agadir, Laayoune has has incredible natural beauty with beach resort settings next to Sahara landscapes. The contrast of the deserted stony hills with the Atlantic Ocean which bathes the city...
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El Ghriba Synagogue in Djerba Island

North Africa’s Oldest Synagogue – El Ghriba on Djerba Island

The El Ghriba Synagogue is located on the island of Djerba in the village of Harah Sghira and is the most famous Jewish site for the local community. The synagogue is a low built construction...
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Discover the Archaeological Site of Khemissa, Algeria

Khemissa is an Algerian town located in the northeastern part of the country. It is also the commune (administrative subdivision) in Souk Ahras Province. The town is best known for being the home of one...
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Tradition and Culture in El Atteuf and Beni Isguen, Algeria

Algeria is a vast country with lots of hidden historical sites that are great to explore. Some of these incredible places are El Atteuf and Beni Isguen. [space height=”HEIGHT”] El Atteuf is located 500 kilometres...
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Travel to Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia

Looking for your next travel destination? Do not miss an opportunity to have an unforgettable tour through Morocco, Algeria, or Tunisia. We specialize in custom private tours to the best historical and cultural sites. We...
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Top 5 Recommended 3★ Riads in Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh’s riads (traditional inns) are historic and offer a glimpse into Moroccan culture. Here are 5 three star best-value riads to stay in the magical city in Morocco. 1. Hotel Monriad This polished hotel offers...
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Sahara Dunes in Taghit

Festivals in Algeria

Algeria demonstrates a long cultural history dating back thousands of years! Below are the top five festivals in Algeria that express its deep cultures and history: 1. Timgad International Music Festival The International Music Festival...
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Archaeological Sites Off the Tourist Track – Madure and Khemissa in Algeria

Madure Madure’s Roman ruins are situated near Souk Ahras. Madure is surrounded by beautiful hills with superb views. The ruins have a number of important sights that make the visit well worth the effort. You...
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